Making bread at the castle

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”Bread“ - one of our oldest cultural assets

The smell of bread is the fragrance of all fragrances. It is the smell of our life, the fragrance of harmony, peace and home.

Grandma’s recipe is still used today! The smell of freshly baked bread emerges from the castle kitchen every day. To us, homemade bread and pastries are very important. Johann Steinwender Junior associates this valuable asset with special childhood memories. Returning from his travelling years in 2014, he revolutionised the castle kitchen and revived the art of bread making at the Lerchenhof. This cultural asset has been a firm part of the castle’s culinary programme ever since. He shares this passion with his friend and now chef de cuisine "Marcell", and he offers insights into the world of bread during the "Making bread at the castle" experience. How do I make sourdough, what is the correct technique, for how long do I have to leave the dough or what ingredients can I add? All these questions will be answered on an interesting journey through a past that connects us all.

Adult € 55,-
Children 10 - 15 years € 30,-
minimum number of participants) 3 Persons
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