Hotel-own butcher‘s & smokery at the castle

Apart from many other savoury bacon specialities, the Lerchenhof-butchery has been producing our hotel-own Carinthian Wine Bacon for many years.

In combination with Gailtal Valley Bacon, wine from Carinthia and the castle proprietor’s motto "A good product needs time!", one of the finest bacon products was created.

The wine is sampled before the bacon is processed. Once a suitable wine is selected, it will be used for the brine. Much dedication during the production and at least 12 months maturing time are the most important requirements for the special bacon and a unique taste experience. 

Our master butcher, Hans Georg Fercher, is responsible for the special quality at the Lerchenhof-Fleischerei butchery. Fresh meat for the hotel & restaurant at the castle as well as sausages and cured meat products are made here with much dedication and by master hand.


Kontakt & Reservierung

Untermöschach 8
9620 Hermagor-Pressegger See
Kärnten - Österreich
T +43 4282 2100